I am a dedicated developer with the Love and patience to develop anything in any programming language. I've started playing arond in QBasic, DOS, and batch programming at the age of seven(7). I can remember playing around with motherboards, diodes, and having my father teach me about CMOS/BIOS(Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconducter/Basic Input Output System) chips and not being old enough to even fully structure my sentences in a legible manner. I can code in any language based in my client's preference. IT'S WHAT I DO!


I am an independent developer as well as the active CTO/Developer of Sound Masters LLC. I am not your typical boring computer nerd that spit Z's all over a web page and put people to sleep. I am a Love enthusiast as well as a Minister of the Diety.

I was born and raised in Detroit, MI on August 30th, 1984. I have been programming and coding since forever with a special knack for creating hacks to open-source projects, API's, and libraries, but I won't get too far into that because then you'd probably go to sleep zZzZz. The biggest part of who I am lies into my family. I am from a family of musicians being that my father is a musician/producer that plays every instrument and my mother sang with the voice that made the angels throw money from the clouds. I began to find my place in music when I learned of a producer/artist named Timbaland who was my biggest inspiration for getting into music, being that his unconventional music and style perfectly embodied my unorthodox approach to computers and being a developer myself. I taught myself how to: play piano, organ, keyboard; as well as read and write sheet music. I found it increasingly difficult to find a place in music in my home town as to everyone was into the producer thing with Fruityloops shooting 808's out of their rooms. If you ask me it was quite irritating. It was like literally EVERYONE WANTED TO BE A RAPPER!

I eventually went back into my computer-roots full-force and learned everything to PHP from OOP to AJAX and cURL. Once started a project that I called the "Social-e-Ticket" I really began to create fully featured Web/Mobile Apps. The Social-e-Ticket was the app that showed me just how diligent I could become once focused. I even had conversations with Michael Rapino(The CEO of LiveNation) about investing and/or partnering in on the project and the project was at the time prominent, many other very similar platforms switfly emerged which caused me to just say forget it(Though I still have hopes lol).

But not to give you all my entire life's story; however, I'll sum it all up into a few things in the list.

    My Computer Skills

  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C++
  • Did I forget any... I can do them too :-)

    My Music Talents

  • Musician
  • Songwriter
  • Sound Engineer/Designer
  • Producer/Composer
  • Will Sprinkle AWESOMENESS!!! on any music project!

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Okay, I'm not sure what your inquery is but I'm pretty sure you're gonna make your inquery clear through this form :-)(Or at least I hope you will :-/). Rather you need me to code, play music, or produce a track. You can drop me a line through this form here :-). Also be sure to follow me on twitter as @scottyrox. Thank you for visiting